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Eternal Hope

I saw someone post today that most of the people who were harmed in the earthquake in Japan would go to "hell" for eternity just because they had never heard the gospel. This breaks my heart to the core. No one will ever be punished because they didn't know the fullness of the gospel. No one will be ever be rejected from heaven because they just weren't at the right place at the right time, or because they couldn't understand it. Our God is just, and we will all be given an equal chance to hear and accept the beautiful reality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Never loose hope that those who left this earth without knowing Christ will be with us in eternity. They will be given their chance.

"The Lord has made it known that his mercy extends to the uttermost bounds and that every soul is entitled to hear the gospel plan, either in this life or in the spirit world. All who hear and believe, repenting and recieving the gospel in it's fullness, whether living or…