January 2016 Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix

I haven't written in months, but I wanted to take to my blog to save my Facebook friends from having to see my constant Stitch Fix posts! So if you're interested, read away!

What is Stitch Fix?

It's basically an online personal stylist. Someone will fill a box with 5 items catered to your personal style. They send it out to you, you look it over and decide what you want. You send the rest back in a prepaid envelope.

How do they know what you like?

When you first sign up you fill out a style profile. You tell them what you like and what you hate and they start from there. BUT- PLEASE go onto Pinterest and make a board just for Stitch Fix. Pin things that you love and then put the link in your style profile. It is hard for them to make decisions based off of that first style profile, and until I did the Pinterest page I didn't get a box that I wanted to keep everything out of. Also, when you send stuff back leave detailed feedback about why you don't like …

Yogurt pops

When we visit my dad in Georgia, he lets Arya eat popsicles for breakfast. She knows all she has to do is sneak out of bed and meet him in the kitchen before work and she can have unlimited popsicles at 5 am.  On my never ending quest to help my kids eat healthier than I do (potato chips, anyone?) I have been trying to sneak a few healthy recipes in daily to replace our not so healthy ones. Instead of sugar packed cereal every morning for my already hyper 5 year old, I decided to capitalize on her love of popsicles and make a healthy breakfast without her knowing. Here's the recipe! 

I picked out some plain, low fat yogurt. Next time I might go with something flavored, but decided to keep it as healthy as possible this time. I also grabbed 2 fruits. Kiwi and blueberries to start, but next time I'll try strawberries and maybe bananas.

We didn't have any popsicle molds, so I just filled a small cup up with yogurt and mixed in some berries and kiwi.

I stuck a popsicle stick i…

Cold weather and warm food.

It's our first winter in New Jersey, and boy has it delivered. We've had lots of snow, and lots of very low temperatures. Today was no exception.

Don't let the beauty fool you, the snow caused a state of emergency to be declared and caused more than its fair share of accidents. Thankfully, warm weather is right around the corner.

Throughout the day we endured messages and Facebook posts from our "friends" back home. They're having beautiful 70 degree weather, and enjoying it. We decided that if we couldn't have southern weather, we'd at least have some southern food! So, we made Arya's favorite. Biscuits and gravy. I took a few pictures and figured we'd share our favorite recipe with you guys.

Here are the things you'll need:

All purpose flour
Baking powder

We start by making the biscuits. Throw in 3 cups of flour, 2 tablespoons baking powder, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. 

Then start by making buttermilk, because if you…
How did you decide that Molly Weasley would be the one to finish off Bellatrix?

"I always knew Molly was going to finish her off. I think there was some speculation that Neville would do it, because Neville obviously has a particular reason to hate Bellatrix. ..So there were lots of options for Belatrix, but I never deviated. I wanted it to be Molly, and I wanted it to be Molly for two reasons. The first reason was I always saw Molly as a very good witch but someone whose light is necessarily hidden under a bushel, because she isn't in the kitchen a lot and she has had to raise, among others, and George which is like, enough... I wanted Molly to have her moment and to show that because a woman had dedicated herself to her family does not mean that she doesn't have a lot of other talents." -JK Rowling

Valentine's Day

Ryan was pretty busy on Thursday, which was actually Valentine's day, so we celebrated Friday afternoon instead. Last Valentine's day we went to a place called the Red Crab and LOVED it! We decided to go again this year, and we weren't disappointed.

 We walked down to the Red Crab, which is not far from our house. The restaurant was supposed to open at 6, but this is Grenada, so we got there at six to find they weren't quite ready for us. This field is right beside the Red Crab, so we took Arya to run around for a bit.

 Ryan ordered some gazpacho and asked Arya to try it. I'm so glad I captured this sequence of events. She resisted at first.
 She finally agreed to try a bite.
 Not so bad...
 Then the taste sets in. She wasn't a fan.
 She was much happier after she washed it down with some cold water.

 We both had the lobster tail. It was absolutely delicious!

It was a  great night, and we had a whole lot of fun! 

Arya's first talk

Arya moved up to Sunbeams this year, which means she is officially in big kid Primary! She's been having a great time. She got asked last week to give a talk in Primary, so Ryan helped her write it and practice it.

Here are a few pictures from Primary today-

Ryan's face is my favorite here.

 And here... what a dork.
 This is Diamond, Summers, Arya and Andie.

 Sister Kim, the music leader, with Jahesha and MJ.
 After Arya gave her talk her friend Andie came up. She wanted to give a talk too. It was pretty darn cute.
 Patty decided to let her give a talk, too and helped her out a bit.
 This is Arya giving her talk, with the help of dad.
 This is Diamond again, giving our scripture for the day. Diamond is in the class that Ryan and I teach.
 Mikael is the small one, his brother MJ is in our class. The older one here is Kai, and he's also in our class.
 This is James, Sean, Jasmine and Eliza. Jasmine is also in our class.

We took a video of Arya's talk, here it is! 

PS- th…