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Politics, baby

I've been debating on whether or not to say something about a disturbing issue I've seen lately in reference to the political world. It's come to the point where I feel like it would be wrong for me not to say something. So, here it goes.
Basing your vote only on someones religion is wrong.
A friend called me today to say that she heard a poll on the radio that found a disturbing number of Republicans refused to vote for Mitt Romney SOLEY because he's a Mormon.
I am astounded. Let me make something clear, I would be just as appalled if I heard that people refused to vote for a candidate just because they were Jewish or Catholic (which unfortunately, has already happened) etc....
Does the candidate care about our beautiful country and will they protect it at all costs? Are their values those that you can agree with? Are their policies those that you think are best for our Nation?
I understand that some people want to look at someones religion when they decide whether…