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Home Sweet Home

Since I'm no longer on Facebook, I'll do my best to update family and friends via our blog.

It's summer break! We're home (I've learned that's a very relative term) in Douglas. Sort of. We've been here since late May and we'll be here until August 2nd. We're making the most of our time here, eating tons of flaming hot cheetos, Zaxbys, and Rancheros. And of course, finding time to hang out with family in between all the eating.

Right now, we're spending the week in Seaside, Florida. It's an incredible little town, perfectly picturesque and quiet. The most interesting part about it is that it's where the Truman Show was filmed. Ryan says I'm a dork for thinking this, but it's pretty cool that Jim Carrey walked these streets!

I can tell we've been spoiled, though. Even in this beautiful place I find myself missing the beautiful waters of Grenada.

We're happy to be home and hope we see you all!