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Valentine's Day

Ryan was pretty busy on Thursday, which was actually Valentine's day, so we celebrated Friday afternoon instead. Last Valentine's day we went to a place called the Red Crab and LOVED it! We decided to go again this year, and we weren't disappointed.

 We walked down to the Red Crab, which is not far from our house. The restaurant was supposed to open at 6, but this is Grenada, so we got there at six to find they weren't quite ready for us. This field is right beside the Red Crab, so we took Arya to run around for a bit.

 Ryan ordered some gazpacho and asked Arya to try it. I'm so glad I captured this sequence of events. She resisted at first.
 She finally agreed to try a bite.
 Not so bad...
 Then the taste sets in. She wasn't a fan.
 She was much happier after she washed it down with some cold water.

 We both had the lobster tail. It was absolutely delicious!

It was a  great night, and we had a whole lot of fun! 

Arya's first talk

Arya moved up to Sunbeams this year, which means she is officially in big kid Primary! She's been having a great time. She got asked last week to give a talk in Primary, so Ryan helped her write it and practice it.

Here are a few pictures from Primary today-

Ryan's face is my favorite here.

 And here... what a dork.
 This is Diamond, Summers, Arya and Andie.

 Sister Kim, the music leader, with Jahesha and MJ.
 After Arya gave her talk her friend Andie came up. She wanted to give a talk too. It was pretty darn cute.
 Patty decided to let her give a talk, too and helped her out a bit.
 This is Arya giving her talk, with the help of dad.
 This is Diamond again, giving our scripture for the day. Diamond is in the class that Ryan and I teach.
 Mikael is the small one, his brother MJ is in our class. The older one here is Kai, and he's also in our class.
 This is James, Sean, Jasmine and Eliza. Jasmine is also in our class.

We took a video of Arya's talk, here it is! 

PS- th…

A Typical Tuesday

Tuesdays are typically a busy day for us. Every morning some of my dedicated friends take a walk around our neighborhood. It's a pretty long walk! If I'm feeling especially energetic I'll come out and walk with them. This morning we met our friends Patty, Mindy and Kristen for a walk.

I refrained from taking pictures of the lovely ladies because we were all very hot, but here are some cute pictures of Ari and her friend Andi walking with us.

After taking a walk, we rode with our friend Patty to drop off some goods at the Valentine's bake sale. Patty made muffins, and they looked delicious! But Patty's eye was too sharp for us to sneak any before they made it to the sale.

Then we headed to playgroup. The kids have a playgroup every Tuesday morning at 10. The kids enjoy it, but I think the moms enjoy it even more.

We don't have a car here, so we rely on the generosity of others to get from place to place. Thankfully Patty needed to go to the grocery store today, …