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I have been miserably sick for the past three days. Miserable because I can't sleep, I don't want to eat but have to for Arya, and every part of my body aches. Thank goodness I had a doctors appointment today, and I'm all stocked up with antibiotics. The worst part about being sick while you are pregnant is worrying about your child. Are they sick too? Can they tell you are sick? Are they getting enough food? water? vitamins? Not only have I had all of this to deal with, but it's finals week, which adds on to the stress significantly. I honestly don't know what I would do without my husband. He is the most loving, caring, generous person in the world. It's finals week for him too, he is taking way more classes than I am, working two jobs, and dealing with finishing up projects along with studying for finals. Somehow, he still finds the time to come to my doctors appointment with me, fix me soup, bring me water to my bedside, and listen to my incessant whining a…