Yogurt pops

When we visit my dad in Georgia, he lets Arya eat popsicles for breakfast. She knows all she has to do is sneak out of bed and meet him in the kitchen before work and she can have unlimited popsicles at 5 am.  On my never ending quest to help my kids eat healthier than I do (potato chips, anyone?) I have been trying to sneak a few healthy recipes in daily to replace our not so healthy ones. Instead of sugar packed cereal every morning for my already hyper 5 year old, I decided to capitalize on her love of popsicles and make a healthy breakfast without her knowing. Here's the recipe! 

I picked out some plain, low fat yogurt. Next time I might go with something flavored, but decided to keep it as healthy as possible this time. I also grabbed 2 fruits. Kiwi and blueberries to start, but next time I'll try strawberries and maybe bananas.

We didn't have any popsicle molds, so I just filled a small cup up with yogurt and mixed in some berries and kiwi.

I stuck a popsicle stick in and then popped them in the freezer for a couple of hours. 

 Arya was ecstatic to learn that she could have a popsicle for breakfast.

Super easy and healthier than some of the alternatives. Send pictures if you decide to try it out!! 


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