Arya's first talk

Arya moved up to Sunbeams this year, which means she is officially in big kid Primary! She's been having a great time. She got asked last week to give a talk in Primary, so Ryan helped her write it and practice it.

Here are a few pictures from Primary today-

Ryan's face is my favorite here.

 And here... what a dork.
 This is Diamond, Summers, Arya and Andie.

 Sister Kim, the music leader, with Jahesha and MJ.
 After Arya gave her talk her friend Andie came up. She wanted to give a talk too. It was pretty darn cute.
 Patty decided to let her give a talk, too and helped her out a bit.
 This is Arya giving her talk, with the help of dad.
 This is Diamond again, giving our scripture for the day. Diamond is in the class that Ryan and I teach.
 Mikael is the small one, his brother MJ is in our class. The older one here is Kai, and he's also in our class.
 This is James, Sean, Jasmine and Eliza. Jasmine is also in our class.

We took a video of Arya's talk, here it is! 

PS- that's not me shushing people halfway through the video, haha! Not sure who that was.


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