16 Weeks

Here goes the inaugural post for the Growing Up Gilbert blog!

Thanks to the ingenious ideas of Kayse, we now have a way to share the experiences with our friends and family who are too far away to see what's going on. I'm just getting into my 16th week, and gaining weight like crazy! I never knew a belly could feel so much like a rock. Probably the most interesting thing that has happened so far is that I can finally feel that baby move! It was amazing to feel for the first time the kicks and punches of the little kid swimming around in there. Honestly, the pregnancy didn't feel very real until that moment. It's easy to forget that there is something actually growing up inside of you until you can feel it moving. Unfortunately, it's not big enough for Ryan to feel, but I hope that time is coming soon!

So far, we haven't done ANYTHING to get ready for the baby! It just hit me yesterday that it's already been 4 months! Just 5 more to go and the baby will be here. Soon, we'll start working on the nursery, picking out furniture and putting up pictures. Hopefully we don't start too late!

So our baby has officially graduated from weird-looking-alien-like-thing to actually looking like a baby! It's ears have moved from it's neck to it's head and it's learning to breathe! Just an example of about the size of the baby:


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