17 Weeks

Saturday marked the official beginning of my 17 week. I'm at the end of my fourth month and I already can't wait to meet our little baby! It seems like everywhere I turn there is another mother with a newborn baby. Especially at church today. While it's wonderful to have the opportunity to feel my baby moving around inside of me, to know it's growing and progressing, I still can't help but think "Come out already!" More than anything I want to know what it feels like to hold your child in your arms. Ryan made the mistake of going with me to Kohl's this Saturday. We "happened" upon the baby section and I spent forever going from one baby outfit to the other squealing about how cute they were. Eventually Ryan pulled me away from the isles and isles of footie pajamas and I was brought back down to reality. Five whole months before I can dress my baby in those cute clothes! It seems like too long to wait.

At week seventeen, the baby is growing and growing! It's about the size of a palm, and weighs almost 5 ounces! Hard to believe the baby will grow to be somewhere between (hopefully) 6-9 pounds! A long way to go! At this next checkup, 20 days from now, we FINALLY find out what color clothes to start buying! I swear it's a girl, but I guess we will find out for sure in less than 3 weeks!


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