It's a girl!

Finally, the moment we have been thinking of for the last 20 weeks has come!
We found out today that we are having a beautiful baby girl! Finally, no more calling our daughter "it"!
Wow, what a wonderful thing to say- our daughter! It was amazing to have that experience with Ryan, seeing our daughter for the first time. Learning that it was a girl together. This was definitely one of the top 3 best moments of my life. It was agonizing, laying there while the doctor probed around on my belly, telling me that the baby was breached and he didn't think he was going to be able to see in between the baby's legs. He was going to have to lie to me to get me off that table! Thankfully, though, he announced with confidence that the baby was a girl! I really just can't get over it, my little daughter! We watched for what felt like hours as he rolled around measuring the head and torso, weighing and checking to make sure everything was in ship shape. While he reprimanded me for gaining 10 lbs in the past 5 weeks, ( I have GOT to lay off the potato chips and fudgecicles!) everything else seemed to be in ship shape, which was good news after last weeks fever debacle.

Baby Gilbert(a) had her first visitors tonight! Jessie and Ron dropped by bearing gifts and flowers for her, and let me say, I was one excited mama! I mean, come on, one of the best parts of having a girl is dressing her up in cute pink dresses, socks, and bows, and Jessie is already on the ball! She brought an outrageously cute floral dress, and yes, I freaked when I saw the next thing- a nightgown with a closed bottom. Ok, so maybe you guys have seen those before, but I haven't- and I LOVED it! I could imagine my little baby girl in that cute little nighty, and I'm dying to get her out and put her in it! The more I look at those cute clothes, the more anxious I get to finally put my little girl in them. I'm telling you, I can't wait much longer!


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