Labor Day Weekend.

Labor day weekend was EXHAUSTING!

It's not supposed to be that way, is it? With divorced parents, grandparents, and in laws to see, it was one HECK of a busy weekend! It seems lately that when we have holidays come up they are packed full of nothing but running from place to place.

The GREAT news about this weekend is that Ryan felt the baby move for the first time! There is nothing compared to the moment when you feel your child move inside of you for the first time. I remember exactly what I was doing when it happened. The only thing that comes close is when your spouse gets to feel the baby for the first time. To feel the little tiny thing that you created swimming around in there is wonderful. Speaking of moving, my little gymnast has been going non-stop lately! I don't know what I'm eating to make baby so hyper, but lately, I can't even make it through a class without getting a kick or two.

This weekend we went for the first time to look at baby things together. We picked out a crib, bedding, and a few other things. It was extremely difficult for me to pull myself away from the amazingly cute onesies and hats. I've never enjoyed shopping so much!

Now, unfortunately, it's back to school, and back to stress. I'm ready for classes to be over so I can dedicate all my time to cleaning and preparing the house for baby. We have so much to do, and so little time! And speaking of preparing the house for baby, any of you experienced mom's who have any tips for decorating and baby proofing the house, please feel free to share the knowledge!


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