Birthday Bash

Yesterday marked the day that 26 years ago my husband was born. It was wonderful to celebrate with my husband, to celebrate another year of his life, another year of being together. Ryan's family came to spend the weekend with us. With seven of us plus Ryan's dog Videl in the house, it was definitely packed! Even with the lack of space, we had a great time, and I know it meant a lot to Ryan to have his family with him on his birthday.
I've absolutely noticed a difference in how we give gifts to each other. For anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas, it's gone from clothes, CD's and movies to baby clothes and things for the baby room. It's all we want/ask for anymore! It's great to get things that we can look at and picture our child in.
One thing that hit me late last night was that this would be our last birthday with just the two of us. It kind of hit me that our lives were really about to undergo a significant change. I can't wait for my child, I know I'm going to love her so much, but I'm beginning to really cherish the time that Ryan and I have alone. Those last few events that we will be able to share together as just husband and wife are becoming more and more special to me. I'm glad we have these next few holidays and breaks to spend with each other before we welcome our new little love into our lives.

Lately, I've been feeling desperate for a vacation. School is too stressful for me to want to deal with anymore. I feel like I need to get away, a trip to the mountains where I can feel like there is nothing else in the world going on. I always love going to Tennessee, where I feel like there is this separate, quiet world where nothing matters but the time I'm spending with my husband. I'm praying for an opportunity to get away for just a week, heck, I'd even take getting away for a 3 day weekend. I need to get away from the house, from school, from the town here, and take a break. Who knows, maybe if I keep my fingers crossed I'll get my wish sometime soon!


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