With the chaos of the holidays behind me, I can finally find time to sit down and write a new entry. I wish I could have documented all of the things that happened this Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years but there didn't seem to be even a spare moment to write about anything, much less everything. So I'll do my best to summarize it all now.
Christmas for us is difficult. Not only do we live out of town, but Ryan had to work the night before and the night after Christmas, so we were only able to stay for Christmas day. With divorced parents, Ryan's family, and my grandparents to see it was extremely difficult for us to find a time to have our Christmas together as a couple. We love our family and love seeing them, so we don't mind running from place to place, but I think we have decided that when Arya comes, we will spend Christmas at home and see family the day before or the day after. As always, we were blessed with an abundance of gifts, the best gift of all, though, was being able to spend time together with our families, who we don't see enough.
I turned 22 yesterday. You know you've gotten old when you want to spend your birthday at home reading a Dean Koontz book. I had a doctors appointment that morning, at which the doctor informed me that a blue moon (which we had yesterday, for the first time in 20 yrs) affects the tides, and also affects amniotic fluid, so she was sure she would be delivering babies all night long. Then, Ryan took me out to Cracker Barrel (YUM! BEST HUBBY EVER) and I pigged out. Not only was it my birthday, it was New Years Eve AND I was preggers. No one had a better excuse than me to eat all I wanted, lol. Then I went home, took a wonderful nap, and spent the rest of the day watching my favorite shows and reading my book. Like I said, I'm officially old.
I feel like I should document these holidays, since they are the last we will have without our Arya. I'm excited to see how things change when she gets here. I'm sure any change will be a fantastic one.

Counting down the days-



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