Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I've written! You hear people talk about how time flies once you have a baby, little did I know it was so true. I can't believe that my dear little Arya will be 1 month this week. I feel like we just came home from the hospital. We are finally getting things settled into something that slightly resembles a routine. Arya is starting to sleep a little more at night. Unfortunately she has her days and nights mixed up, but it looks like that problem is slowly starting to resolve itself. She had her first doctors appointment last week, and we were relieved to hear that everything was ok. We had a bit of a jaundice scare when we were in the hospital, so it was comforting to know that everything had cleared up nicely and she was healthy. In fact, we learned that she is in the 75 percentile in size for children her age. So in other words, she is bigger than 75% of children her age. My chunker baby!

I can't even begin to put into words the joy of finally having my Arya here. Don't get me wrong, late nights with hardly any sleep, dirty diapers and spit up all over every outfit I own doesn't always put me in a great mood. But when I see my daughter smile at me (even if it is just because of gas) or when I look at her asleep in my arms it makes it all worth it. I have no idea what I would do without my wonderful husband. Even though he has to get up and go to school and work every day, he still stays up at night with me to help with diapers and a crying baby. I'm amazed that out of all the things he has going on in his life he still somehow finds time to tell me-even though I'm covered in spit up and I'm wearing sweats- that he thinks I'm beautiful. People say that having a child brings you closer to your husband, and makes your love stronger. I used to think that I couldn't love Ryan anymore than I already did, but I'm finding everyday that I was wrong.

Just some updates on Arya: Like I said, she will be a month old on Wednesday. Currently, shes holding her head up like a champ, ESPECIALLY when she's hungry! She is already locking eyes with us, but to be honest she was doing that from the moment we first saw her. She loves to fall asleep to Duncan Sheik, thank goodness she has good taste in music. At the last checkup, she was a little over 9 pounds and 21 inches. Her eyes are still a beautiful gray-blue, but I'm betting they will soon turn to a green or brown. She loves bath time, especially when I shampoo her hair. She loves anything to do with her hair! She loves to have it combed, or just rubbed. She was blessed this past Sunday- February 14th. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Ryan was performing the blessing. I wish I had written down all the wonderful things he said.

Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures up here. More updates coming soon- she's growing every day!


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