What a wonderful life a mother leads!

I can't believe how great it is to wake up every morning with my husband and daughter sleeping beside me. Family truly is the greatest gift we can be given.

There isn't much new in the Gilbert household. Arya is growing so quickly. She is already out of her newborn clothes and diapers (tear!). She is finally starting to coo (LOVE IT!). She still holds her head up amazingly well. She is rolling over very well from her stomach to her back, and is trying her hardest to roll over from her back to her stomach, though she hasn't quite managed it yet. She gives us that beautiful smile at least a few times a day, and Ryan and I swear she started trying to laugh this weekend. She is seven weeks old today. Someone please tell me how to make time slow down! I feel like I'm going to wake up tomorrow and she will be 15!

We had a great time this weekend with all of our family and friends. We miss everyone so much. It's so great to let Arya spend time with her family members. We found out some FANTASTIC news! Ryan and I are going to be an Aunt and Uncle!!! Travis and Alicia let us know that they are having a baby! Personally, I think it's a boy... but we shall see.

While time is flying here in the Gilbert household we are missing all of you dearly. I hate that this is the only way we have to tell some of you what is new with our family. Hopefully I will have more time to update soon.


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