Wow- it's amazing how time flies by. I literally feel like I just brought Arya home from the hospital yesterday. Who is this 3 month old I have living with me?! I can't believe the things that she can do now. She is talking (of course, not real words!), loves to be on her stomach, she has started trying her hardest to scoot across the floor(even though she isn't making it anywhere yet), she is squealing, laughing the most wonderful laughs, smiling all the time, rolling from her back to her stomach and then to her back again.... when did all this happen?! I know if you're like me it annoys the crap out of you when people say things like, "They grow up so fast!" but man, those people are right!!

I'm glad that I get to stay home with Arya. I'm so glad that I get to see every single thing that she does for the very first time. I was there the first time she smiled, the first time she laughed, the first time she rolled over, the first time she tried her hardest to say something to me through squeals and babbles. I cherish these moments and thank my Father in Heaven that I have the wonderful opportunity to be here with her.

So, pre-pregnancy weight battles suck. I remember coming home from the hospital feeling so skinny! After having a human being inside of you for nine months, you DO feel skinny after it's finally out of there. But man, the day that you finally step on that scale is a wake up call! Though I've lost 30lbs so far, I'm definitely not done with this battle! Unfortunately I can't diet because I'm nursing Arya. But Ryan and I have started working out every day. We're using the Insanity workout and P90x. Those things are literally INSANE! But hopefully it will get us both on the right track to loosing our pregnancy weight. We took before and after pictures, and if I ever get brave enough I might post mine on here (that's not likely, haha!). I need some tips from mom's who have success stories on loosing that weight!

So far, Arya is doing great at Growing up Gilbert. She looks just like her dad, and acts like him too! I can't wait to share more with all of you.


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