What a week! Ryan is finally on summer vacation, and instead of relaxing, we've been constantly on the go. We've decided to move back to Douglas, and it's been hectic around our house! But, when we finally get moved into our new home, I know it will all be worth it. (Right?)

Arya is growing so much every day. She is so alert, and loves to watch everything around her. We started real food a few weeks ago. I used to see pictures of kids with food all over their faces and wondered if their parents were throwing the food at them instead of feeding it to them. But, now I understand that when you are trying to feed someone who doesn't want to sit still for more than 30 seconds, lunchtime tends to get a little messy.

Ryan took his MCAT's a few weeks ago. Thank goodness that stress is out of the way. He gets his scores in 5 days (eek!). I am very excited and very proud, I know he did well!

This weekend I'm attending a friends wedding. I was thinking today about how she and I have been friends since we were 5 or 6! It's crazy to think how time flies. Yesterday we were in Pre-K playing hide and go seek, and I wake up today and we are in college and getting married! It's so wonderful to be on this side, looking back at all the wonderful memories and where they have carried us. I can't wait to see what unfolds next.


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