We're here!

We made it to Grenada! Which is a surprise- I can't believe I survived a 20 hour day traveling alone with Arya. It was a challenge! But we're here in paradise, finally!

It's definitely different, I've never lived outside of Douglas (except for living a bit in Valdosta) so it's a big change. But it's a fantastic life experience and I can definitely get used to being this close to the beach. Now, if I could only get the grocery stores to promise fully stocked shelves of Flaming Hot Cheetoes...

The transportation here is interesting, to say the least. We don't have a car (which I don't mind one bit) so we walk or take busses everywhere. They drive on the left side of the road here. It takes a lot of getting used to, but I'm starting to adjust to the feeling. However, there are no road rules here! No speed limits, no car seats, no pedestrian right of way rules. It's a free for all! Honking is the language of the road here. People honk to say "hello" "Get out of the way!" "I'm coming around" and "Watch it!". Contrary to the US- people here don't see it as rude. I wanted to be offended the first few times a bus honked at us, but I've learned it's a courtesy (and I'm beginning to appreciate the warning!).

Ryan is busy (that's an understatement). He normally leaves the house at 8am and gets home at 6pm. Then we eat and he studies until 11pm. I feel for him! I can't imagine what kind of dedication it takes to study so much. I'm positive the only thing I've spent that much time studying is the TV. I wonder if that qualifies me for a degree...

Arya and I are meeting lots of new friends. The locals are incredibly friendly and the LDS ladies here are welcoming and knowledgeable about what we're going through as first term-ers. In fact, we're headed to an Enrichment activity tonight. We're learning how to "Stomp". Anyone who is even remotely familiar with my dancing abilities can imagine how wonderfully entertaining that will be.

Anywho- I'm sure you're tired of reading and ready for some pictures. Here they are!

The view from Ryan's school. 

One of the nearby beaches.

Arya napping on the school bus.

Island living!

On our way to church.

Metal drums make me think of Michael Scott. 

After Ryan's white coat ceremony.

Ryan's books and notes for half of the term.

Another view from the school.

And another. 

This fruit tree is within reach of our balcony.

Arya loves her seashells!

Relaxing :)

Playing with her schoolhouse in our kitchen. 

Reading in the living room!

Knocked out. 


  1. Katie!
    We enjoyed the Blog!You are such a talented writer! Love the pictures! We would be in Heaven there! You know how we love to sit and relax!
    Love you!
    Mom and Scott

  2. Wonderful! So proud of Ryan in his white coat, almost made me tear up. Love the pictures and the blog. Papa read it too. The pictures are great - don't stop sending them. Miss you all. Papa and Nana


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