Arya's new "school".

It's been a wonderful thing to be able to stay at home with Arya these years. Soon though, she'll be starting real school (how the heck did my kid get so old?!), so we figured it was time to give her a little taste of what real school would be like.

There's a small group  of moms here that do a rotating Co-Op. Kids between the pre-school and kindergarten ages get together and learn basics (like ABCs, Shapes, Numbers, etc...). Arya has always been great with that kind of stuff, so the real plus for us was for her to get some time in a "school like" setting with other kids her age. She's loved it!

This was her show and tell day. She showed her beloved lady bug pen.

Her first day of school.

Literature circle.

Crazy time! Otherwise known as song time ;)


  1. Yay! I'm a blog follower now :) They all look so cute and this schooling thing is legit! I'm so glad that you can all do this together.


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