Our Backyard

One of my favorite things about Grenada is all of the fruit! Most fruits are pretty high up on my list of favorite foods (Right under 1. Flaming Hot Cheetoes and 2. Bacon). Our new home has a ton of fruit trees right in the backyard. Arya and I go out often to pick fruit to snack on or to cut up and eat with dinner. When we went out today, I decided to take a few pictures and give you guys a taste of what we get to enjoy.

The closest tree to our house is a tiny little lime tree. It's right outside the front door, and last night we popped out to pick some for our lime cilantro rice. Ari has one of the tiny little limes in her hand. 
 This is some kind of citrus. It's not quite ready yet, so we're not sure which one.

 Arya succeeded in picking what I believe is an orange (they're commonly eaten while green here).
 This is Arya trying to pick something called a sugar apple. It's called a corrazon in Puerto Rico.

 These are starfruit, definitely my favorite.

 Sugar plums, they're pretty good. You eat them sort of like muscadines.

 And of course, coconut.

 This is the rooftop view of our next-door neighbor and part of our yard.


  1. I love seeing how beautiful life is there for you guys! Keep smiling :-)

  2. Holy cow, your yard is amazing! Who needs to visit a fruit stand when we can just go on over to the Gilbert's yard?!
    Hmmm... maybe you should think about setting up your OWN fruit stand. The Grenadians would give you a ton of business because you are a beautiful, blonde, American girl. ;) hehe

  3. Haha, alright Erin, you've convinced me. Are you going to co-mange?


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