Counting Down

I woke up today and realized it was the end of October. I feel like this semester just began! We've only got five and a half weeks until we go home, and only 3 weeks until we get our first visitor.

Things have been fairly normal around here, Arya is still having a blast going to school twice a week. 

Pajama day was definitely her favorite. 

We're still loving our new home, we finally feel settled and comfortable. Hopefully we won't be moving anymore while we're on the island!
Ryan finished midterms and did great. We're glad to have those behind us, but of course there's still studying to be done. Finals are coming up soon, after all ;). 

As much as we absolutely love Grenada, we do miss our country. Every time I ride by the US Embassy I'm so happy to see our flag flying... but it makes me very homesick. There is truly no place like home. We can't wait to be back for a few weeks in December. In the meantime, enjoy Zaxby's, fully stocked shelves and 24 hour stores for us! :)


  1. Arya is so cute...and she is so good to smile anytime I ask her to for a picture. Watch out you might have a model on your hands!!!

    1. Haha CeCe, Ryan said we need to pray for acne or get a shotgun. Something to keep the boys away!

  2. It's true, she is soo adorable.
    And I can't believe it is already the end of October!


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