A Typical Tuesday

Tuesdays are typically a busy day for us. Every morning some of my dedicated friends take a walk around our neighborhood. It's a pretty long walk! If I'm feeling especially energetic I'll come out and walk with them. This morning we met our friends Patty, Mindy and Kristen for a walk.

I refrained from taking pictures of the lovely ladies because we were all very hot, but here are some cute pictures of Ari and her friend Andi walking with us.

After taking a walk, we rode with our friend Patty to drop off some goods at the Valentine's bake sale. Patty made muffins, and they looked delicious! But Patty's eye was too sharp for us to sneak any before they made it to the sale.

Then we headed to playgroup. The kids have a playgroup every Tuesday morning at 10. The kids enjoy it, but I think the moms enjoy it even more.

We don't have a car here, so we rely on the generosity of others to get from place to place. Thankfully Patty needed to go to the grocery store today, so we hitched a ride with her. 

Some of the other girls needed to go to the store as well, so we headed over. We decided to stop and get smoothies beforehand. They're incredible smoothies made of fresh local fruit. Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the smoothies- I enjoyed ours so much that I forgot to take a picture before it was gone! 
Instead, here is a blurry picture of them after they finished enjoying them- 

 Then the kids ran down the mall to the grocery store.

 Arya mid-jump

Now to the grocery store photos. I took these for anyone interested in knowing more about how Grenada works. You often go to the store and find that the things you need haven't come in yet that week. Ask the employees when it will be in and you'll get a few non committal answers. It's interesting, for sure! Also, everything is imported so it's much more expensive. The prices you'll see on here are in XCD (East Caribbean Dollars). I'll post the US price as well.

 These pistachios are 55.10 XCD. That's 20.41 US for a bag of Pistachios!

These very sad looking Pomegranates are 12.70 XCD each, or 4.70 US.

Arya loves the produce isle. She likes to help me pick out fruit.

 They offer a lot of local fuit here, but we don't normally buy it in the store. We have a friend named Kevon who has a stand out back. He sells fresh fruits and veggies for much cheaper, and they are always nicer quality.

 These are mangos and wax apples.

Romaine Lettuce is 26.30 XCD a bag, or 9.74 US. Yep, those bags of Dole lettuce in the picture are $9.74 US!

Chips are pretty expensive here (but how do you live without them?!?!). The Doritos you see are 17.95 XCD or 6.65 USD.

Yum! A local favorite!! :)

Things like facial cleaner can be a little expensive here. The Neutrogena Visibly Even is 42.70 XCD or 15.81 US.

This licorice is AMAZING! There are a lot of things I can't get here that I can get it the states (cough,flaminghotcheetoes, cough), but this is one of the things I can get in Grenada but not back home.

Often times you come to the store and there is no milk. They were cleared out today. The shipment comes in on Friday and it's gone immediately. Students, locals, and mainly the yacht owners come in and buy in bulk. 

At the moment, this was the only "milk" left. Also, be careful! Sometimes the milk is expired, or super close to the expiration date. 

One thing you NEVER have to worry about them not having in stock is alcohol. We don't drink, so this doesn't help us much, but it makes a lot of the students happy ;). 

Our bagging buddy! 

 This is a donation box right outside of the store. I always laugh because it says no receipts, so of course people stuff receipts in. You can see a few of them at the top of the picture.

This is our buddy Junior. I didn't know he knew who we were until one day I came in without Arya. He asked where his little bud was. People here always go out of the way to be kind here!
 As we walked out of the grocery store I saw this stand. Kind of strange to see contacts for sale in a stand when you have to go through so much trouble to get them in the US!

 Andi was pooped after our long trip!


  1. Love the post! If only I had seen this before I came. Haha. And that picture of Arya with Junior is the cutest thing ever. haha.

  2. Thanks Kristen! We saw you and Natalia on our way back from the store. Wish we would have caught you guys! And we love Junior. He is for sure the nicest guy who works there.

  3. You come up with such creative posts Katie! I might steal this idea to put on mine:)

  4. Do it Cece! Then people can see good pictures that weren't taken with a shattered iPhone, haha.


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